Exclusive Interview: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman on Sleepy Hollow



Could there be a romance between Ichabod and Abbie?

Alex Kurtzman: Ichabod is a married man and Ichabod has a lot to discover about the truth of his wife and that’s a big part of the drive of the season. First of all, where is she, how do I get to her, she’s got answers to a million questions I have.

Roberto Orci: Why did she lie to me? Was it for my own good?

Alex Kurtzman: The flip side to all of that is those answers will affect his relationship with Abbie in that Abbie and Crane spend every waking minute together because they’ve been put together by some higher power. They are, despite their differences, very uniquely connected to each other. I think we are open to things happening organically if they move that way organically, but he’s a married man. 

But I think you said no to a Peter and Olivia romance at the beginning of “Fringe” too.

Alex Kurtzman: We did. 

Was that a misdirect or did you discover that along the way?

Alex Kurtzman: I think we took the same philosophy there which was let’s see what happens. Let’s see where our stories take us organically. Let’s not force something that doesn’t feel right. 



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