For those lucky enough to live in or visit the UK, one of Tom’s earliest stage roles is available for screening at the V&A Archives (by appointment). Hamlet, directed by Trevor Nunn, starred Ben Whishaw as Hamlet and Tom appeared as Fortinbras.  The Guardian said that, at the time, it was deemed by critics to be one of the best Hamlets of all time - not a bad way to start out.

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"English people, we have a soft spot for figure skating because of Torvill and Dean, who changed everything. They were mavericks. Their ‘Bolero’ remains one of the finest performances in any sport. Imagine a world where we didn’t have Torvill and Dean, so figure skating didn’t become a moderately enjoyable sport." — Tom Mison

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Why has Sleepy Hollow become such a TV hit?


Social-savvy cast and crew
By which I am almost entirely referring to how awesome Orlando Jones is. A furious Tweeter and Tumblr…er, he manages to keep you entertained by the show even when it isn’t actually on. The producers should be paying a chunk of the PR budget directly to him.

He’s not the only one though - most of the cast and crew are very visible on Twitter, winding each other up and just generally being loveable sons of guns. Also, I defy anyone to read Tom Mison’s Twitter and not want to marry him.

The Ichabod/Abbie partnership
Tom Mison’s marriageability is not all he brings to the show - he is also one half of one of the best partnerships on TV, alongside Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills. It’s rare to see platonic male/female relationships on TV, and the two of them have great chemistry as two friends in an extraordinary situation who rely on each other entirely. Whether their relationship stays platonic or not remains to be seen. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

He’s a relaxed and intelligent interviewee, but as his star rises with each new role he is increasingly conscious of the need for a bit of discretion so that ill thought-out quotes don’t return to haunt him later.

And this discretion extends to his personal life, over which he gallantly draws a veil. “Whenever I read interviews with people and saw actors saying & I’m afraid I’m not going to talk about that, I never understood that until I was finally asked, so I would like to refrain from that if you don’t mind.”

Interview with Tom Mison | Living North Magazine | April 2012 (via tommisonfans)

People who should be illegal (no order)
↳ Tom Mison

I’ve always been a history buff. It was one of the few subjects at school that really, really caught me. I think you’ll find a lot of actors will be interested in history because it sparks your imagination so much. When you enter a period of history, your imagination just goes wild in creating the world, which is really what acting is.

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